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An increasing amount of deliveries are being sent every single day. For those containing temperature sensitive items, thermal insulation materials are needed to prevent spoilage. However, conventional products such as polystyrene have a devastating impact on the world around us.

Thankfully, nature already has a solution. Surplus feathers have been cleaned and processed into a unique textile, before being covered in a biodegradable film for ease of handling.

The result is pluumo, the world's first sustainable packaging material made from feathers, which delivers excellent insulation performance while lessening our impact on the environment. 



Strong, lightweight and thermally insulating. The properties of feathers have been harnessed to create pluumo.



pluumo has been designed to match the performance of other leading insulation materials such as polystyrene.


NATURAL Cushioning

The soft padding provided by pluumo can absorb bumps and knocks that occur during delivery, helping items arrive in one piece.



pluumo liners come flat packed. When compared to bulky polystyrene boxes, they are more efficient to purchase and store. 

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Current thermal packaging is dominated by conventional products such as polystyrene, which are harmful for the environment. Polystyrene is derived from petroleum resources and takes hundreds of years to degrade after being used.

pluumo represents a better way for deliveries to take place. Created using surplus feathers, it does not deplete non-renewable resources. Additionally, as its other components are biodegradable as well, it has vastly improved end of life options.

To take our commitment to sustainability one step further, we want to recycle pluumo.  By reprocessing our liners, we will be able to decrease the need to create more packaging. To learn more about how you can recycle pluumo click here.

We are really happy with pluumo, the insulating ability of feathers is great.
Equally important is the low environmental impact and biodegradability of the packaging. Saving the earth without costing the earth!
— Willowbrook Farm (Oxford, UK)
pluumo-BOX:  Two pluumo liners are used inside a recycled cardboard box, enabling larger deliveries to be sent.

pluumo-BOX: Two pluumo liners are used inside a recycled cardboard box, enabling larger deliveries to be sent.

pluumo-BAG:  A single pluumo liner inside a biodegradable bag, ideal for smaller deliveries.

pluumo-BAG: A single pluumo liner inside a biodegradable bag, ideal for smaller deliveries.

pluumo-LINERS:  Integrate pluumo into your existing delivery systems by purchasing the liners alone.

pluumo-LINERS: Integrate pluumo into your existing delivery systems by purchasing the liners alone.


A variety of pluumo products are available to suit your needs. Custom sizes and solutions are also available subject to minimum order quantities.


Frequently asked questions

+ What is pluumo made out of?

Well, it is no surprise to know that pluumo is mostly made up of surplus feathers. These have been cleaned to extremely hypo-allergenic standards before we process them. Other components include a compostable binder and the outer film is a starch-based material, the same one found the food waste bin liner in your kitchen.

+ What is the thermal performance of pluumo?

We have scientifically designed pluumo to have the best thermal performance of any insulation material made from natural fibres. This has been achieved by carefully controlling the processing of feathers, as well as optimising the height and density of the pluumo liners. This allows us to trap air effectively, resulting in thermal performance that outperforms expanded polystyrene and other synthetic insulation solutions.

What does that mean in real world numbers? With adequate cooling materials, a standard sized delivery box containing chilled products can be kept below 8 degrees for over 72 hours.

(Note that delivery conditions are unique for each customer, so we always advise trialling pluumo before purchasing.)

+ Can I get a sample of pluumo to test it myself?

Of course! Please get in touch with us so that we can learn more about your requirements, and we can arrange for samples to be sent out for you to trial.

+ Can pluumo be customised?

We understand that different companies have different needs. Perhaps you need to send very large deliveries? Or require insulation material that is a bit stiffer that what you can find elsewhere. Not a problem! As long as a sufficient minimum order quantity is purchased, pluumo liners can be adapted in both size and density. This is also true for a customised printing for pluumo’s exterior film.

+ Can pluumo liners be reused?

Yes! We are currently trialing a recycling program. pluumo is the a sustainable packing material, but sometimes being sustainable is not enough. Our recycling program not only reuses materials, but decreases the need for new packaging to be made. When you collect enough pluumo liners, send them back to us so that we can continue their life cycle. We will reprocess the used materials and send out fresh, reused liners. Don’t worry, we will pay for the return label, all you have to do is print it out and send it off! By helping us reduce our environmental impact, together we can work towards a more sustainable life. If you are interested in participating in this program or want to learn more, click here.

+ How do I dispose of pluumo?

We have designed pluumo to be totally compostable, as the majority of it is made up of a natural material (i.e. the feathers!) and the remaining materials are certified as compostable as per EN13432.

However, please check with your local waste collection provider about its suitability for your specific area. Otherwise, please dispose of it using the regular refuse route.

+ That all sounds great, but I need to know more!

Well, that’s not strictly a question but that’s not a problem! Drop us a line at and we will be happy to get back to you.


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