Recycling Program

Sustainable packaging isn't perfect. Help us minimize our footprint by reusing pluumo liners. pluumo has partnered with collect+, a free and trackable service, to make returning your pluumo liners easier.

Step 1

Fill up the box that you received your order in with as many pluumo liners that will fit. The more liners you return, the better.


Step 2

Fill out the package return form. Enter your order reference number and your email. A shipping label will be sent to your inbox.

form:label icon .png

step 3

Take the package to one of our 7,400 drop-off locations UK wide. You will be given a receipt as proof of the transaction with a tracking number on it.

drop off icon .png

step 4

Visit the collect+ website and input your tracking number at the top of the page to track your package as it makes its way back to us.

track:search icon .png

We will take your liners, prepare them to be reused and continue their life cycle.